Dean Wildbore

When you show up for a session with fitness mentor Dean Wildbore, his friendly face reveals nothing of what’s really going on.

In those first few minutes Dean is quietly weighing up everything from the energy you’re giving off, to the way you move, what you’re saying (or not saying), and your plans for the day.

“The session I had planned for you might change the minute you walk through the door, depending on how you’re feeling and what you’ve got on that day,” says Dean.

“Connection is everything, really, and the relationships I build with my clients enables me to help them more by tailoring each session to suit their needs on any given day.

“There’s no point flogging you in the morning when you need the energy to be present for an important meeting that afternoon.”


Performance and Play 


This personalised approach has made Dean a favourite amongst high performing professionals at Elevation Fitness in Burleigh Heads.

“My goal is always to send someone out of a session feeling better than when you came in. It’s all about setting you up for the day ahead.”

And while performance is important, so is play says Dean, who prefers a balanced approach by building health and fitness into your lifestyle.

“My clients tend to be lifestyle people — they don’t want to be told what to eat and when to eat,” he says.

“Fitness is a part of their life, but it doesn’t take over their life. Keeping that balance is really key for my clients.”

Dean offers 1:1 sessions and trains small, exclusive groups of like-minded people. He’s also preparing to launch a hybrid program that combines in-person sessions with online resources and 24-7 support.


Burleigh Heads personal trainer Dean Wildbore


More than just muscles


While many people first come to Dean looking to lose weight or to improve strength and fitness, they come to love the by-products of their sessions. 

“Accountability helps people to create consistency to achieve their goals,” says Dean.

“Beyond that, training helps professional people to manage stress, feel more confidence in their clothes, have more energy to perform at that high level and to be more present, at work and at home.”

Dean invests time in getting to know his clients in and out of the gym, and says that level of connection adds to the sense of community that Elevation is so well-known for.

“Having a person outside of your circle that you can talk things over with is pretty freeing for people,” says Dean.

“I’m not a life coach and I don’t always have the answers, but I can listen.

“The atmosphere inside the gym and the on-site cafe lends itself well to everyone feeling part of something pretty special.”


Dean Wildbore personal trainer Gold Coast


To book a session with Dean or any of our trainers, email or call us on 0422 205 752.



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